About our Founder

Mulindwa Jamil is a young passionate Ugandan who founded the Polite World International Foundation with the desire of defending the rights of people who are being isolated and thus attacked by those they live among because of the style of life they have chosen to live. Mulindwa is interested in helping the Key population network find a safer environment to live in by establishing and getting engaged into the best alternatives available since for as long as they live as key population, the community shall always see them as a threat to their lives since it has been reported and concluded that they are the largest channel HIV/AIDS has taken to enter into the community. Polite World is interested into the act of providing treatment and care for the key population living with HIV and thus teaching them as a way of helping them to survive within the existing challenges as seen and predefined by Mulindwa Jamil.

Mulindwa is a young health worker who has seen an opportunity to help out those around him by participating in acting this way.