Commercial Sex in Kampala

Being one of the capital of Uganda which is a developing country, many girls come here with a desire to get a job since the foreseen opportunity of work is very big within them however its estimated that only 30% of those that come with an expectation of getting a job find one and the rest is left in a place where they are supposed to survive and be strong within situations that are tough. In the end, this has taken many into a forceful decision of commercial sex since their bodies are seen as capital for them thus they just always need to find a street to stand on and thus survive the scary fears that life offers them. Many girls today are into the business of commercial sex and these are young girls from the age of 18 years up to about 40 years of age and in the long run many have found this business ok and applying to them since they can afford to raise clients who sleep on them thus increasing the threat of HIV/AIDS in Uganda since the number of sex workers in Kampala and the surrounding Suburbs is gradually increasing rather than decreasing as expected.