HIV Effect in Uganda

HIV/AIDS in the recent yeras of Uganda’s existance has been very affecious since it has left behind marks that no person can erase since Uganda has a country has lost over 5million of its very native ones to this deadly epidemic however in the past decade this disease has recieved alot of innovative ways of dealing with it and tyring to suppress its effects thereof. The epidemic however is gaining its raise though on an unoticable pace since the greatest reason for the raise of this disease in Uganda today is the coming of a raise in the Key population community which is not regulated though recieveing a negative response from the common community due to the fact that what they do is surely  noticable especially in the communities where they are living accordingly. In conclusion to the matter without a planning response on how to regulate the growth of the key population especially the LBGT community, this epidemic of HIV is stil on the raise within Uganda as a country.