Community Counseling

Community is the environment where we live and gain support from one another through working together for a common goal. Community counselling involves giving a a professional feel towards the way how people going through marginalizing situations can be helped through advising them as a way of enabling them to overcome the pressure of the situation they are going through. Counselling services have been provided from the different centers of the Uganda for example within schools, churches, hospitals, prisons among others to aid people on how to go about situations yet they have been to some point ineffective since some counsellors find themselves counselling people about what they have absolutely zero knowledge about and for this reason Polite world comes with a program that has been directed specifically towards key population since we have quiet a good experience in  handling people of this nature or condition. Over 160 people among our key population have benefited from this program and we are still planning to affect more in the next two years of existence.